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About me


My name is Tom and I come from Heidelberg/Germany.

I chose the pseudonym - Tom, because I am an entrepreneur and I dont want everyone to know.

Year of birth: 1971 Weight: 75 kilos Height: 181 cm     

My Facebook profile: Tom Parkinson | Facebook  Tom Parkinson - YouTube

Parkinson was diagnosed with kinson in December 2020, confirmed again by Datscan in January 2021.

My symptoms, early/mid 2021:

My left foot cramps after running about a kilometer, my left hand reacts more slowly, sometimes I dont walk very smoothly, my neck and shoulders are often tense. Slight trembling when turning the left hand sideways.

Smell is not perfect but ok, no nightmares etc.

Due to the diagnosis in December 2020, I got severe depression and slept very badly.

I presented to three university hospitals (+ three neurologists) - each doctor/professor told me to take medication. 


I am still not taking any medication. 

My goal is to get by without medication for as long as possible, because I believe that they cause a lot of side effects.

I am hopeful that there will be more treatments in the coming years that can stop Parkinsons and possibly even heal it.

It is therefore important to gain time and delay the disease for as long as possible without medication.

All over the world there is intensive research and discussion about Parkinsons zu fight. Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

In the last few decades, however, there have unfortunately been no significant new therapies from the pharmaceutical industry.

The number of Parkinsons patients is increasing rapidly due to the aging of society, environmental toxins/antibiotics and possibly even Corona. And I suspect the number will continue to explode as new investigations Researchers find biomarkers: New blood test to detect Parkinsons early - Archyde, Parkinsons will be discovered earlier, before it becomes noticeable through symptoms!

Currently there isout of my sight some candidates that improve or delay the course of the disease without side effects:

see my methods

Result until 18.05.2023

I am determined to get rid of Parkinson's and will put all my energy into beating it.

My mood is excellent and I have had no depression since the fall of 2021. In addition, I sleep very well.

I can comfortably put my left hand in my pants pocket again, which was not so easy before. The tension in my neck and shoulders have also disappeared. My sense of smell has also improved and is at a very high level.

When I turn my hands outward, I shake more than before. My right hand has also been added, but it shakes only minimally. Since September 25, 2022, I have been measuring my resting and holding tremor, which is very weak.


My symptoms are barely progressing, starting from the December 2020 diagnosis, and some have improved!


Overall, I would describe my condition as very stable and I feel that I can maintain the level for a long time. 


See evaluation below (the image enlarges when you click on it - takes a while...):

There is also a Youtube video of my evaluation here. Click on the text.

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