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Which of the alternative healing methods you use works best? (as of 07/29/2023)

That's hard to answer. On my homepage an overview diagram is shown, which shows the course of the disease in my case.

Here you can see that after the following applications: TPS Neurolit, PDCare from Symbyx Biome + the Vielight helmet there was a significant improvement in autumn 2021.

In this positive course I also had my first microbiome transfer, which I think is very important.

The 23 stays (April/May 2022) in the HBO (oxygen pressure chamber) had a very positive effect on my mood.

The stay in Cuba (since then I've been taking NeuroEpo regularly) from November 14th, 2022 to December 5th, 2022 had a positive effect on my sense of smell and on the swinging of my left arm. I know some Parkinson's patients who have benefited greatly from this therapy.

I can't tell you much about the SRT Zeptor, Iboga, Rapamycin, Broccoli Seed Teea and most recently my new HBO chamber and the Smovey rings.

I also do a lot of sports! Please refer sports | My Site (

Since my condition is very good, the therapies don't have as much effect on me as they do on someone who has more symptoms.

My course is very good, basically the same since the strong improvement in autumn 2021.

My feeling tells me that I may be able to improve the symptoms a little and I think that I can maintain the level for a few years until there are further therapies.

Please look at my homepage

 - these are also available in English. Everything is in there. Take your time... Preferably on the PC and not with the mobile phone... Tom.

If you could go back in time to the beginning of the diagnosis, what would you do?

I would immediately recommend all alternative healing methods that I believe to be successful, including sport & use nutritional supplements.

If your course worsens – what do you do then?

I would do a TPS refresher (6 times in two weeks), this should actually be done once a year. I hadn't done this yet as my condition is very good and consistent. I would start taking Mucuna pruriens. Probably going to Cuba again. I would also start alternative therapies - see: what else I have in mind | My Site (

How much money have you invested so far?

It's hard to say, fortunately my private health insurance company covered a lot. But I have the following monthly costs: dietary supplements around 350 euros (without rapamycin!), TPS around 500 euros (paid by my private health insurance company), naturopath pays my private health insurance company.

One-off costs: PDCare 1,350 euros, + helmet approx. 1,000 euros, HBOT - chamber for home 12,000 euros, 23 x HBOT in Heidelberg approx. 6,800 euros, 2 x microbiome transfer approx. 7,000 euros, Cuba approx. 15,000 euros (you get the medication for a longer period of time - you would have to go back after about a year - the drug should be available in Cuba at least in the foreseeable future), SRT Zeptor used at home 10,000 euros, infrared sauna about 3,000 euros.

This results in monthly costs of approx. 850 euros and one-time costs (without sports equipment) of approx. 58,000 euros. I think I spent at least 88,000 euros (including what I don't list here, more like 100,000 euros) and got back about 25,000 euros from the health insurance company.

Which applications would you least want to do without if you didn't have enough money?

PDCare + helmet, nutritional supplements (it doesn't have to be the expensive products), sports! (Smovey, VR glasses for boxing and table tennis) then in the following order: TPS, microbiome transfer (only if necessary!), Cuba, HBOT – chamber for home, SRT Zeptor

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