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I originally intended to set up a forum.

However, I refrained from doing so because it was too complex and there are already enough.

This is the best forum I have found!

HealthUnlocked | The social network for health

The following website provides a very good summary of the current state of research:

The way ahead: 2022 - Cure Parkinsons (

Stop the progression of the disease - cure Parkinsons (

Overview of drugs that are already approved and could also help with Parkinsons:

Priority Projects - Cure Parkinsons (

Study overview from the professionals:

Home (

Hope List Therapies in development current version.xlsx - Google Drive

As of today, I have my "tremipen" in use! Works very well and is easy to use!
One can measure very well the resting tremor & holding tremor.
Unfortunately, not the movement tremor. Actually, this should be very well possible with the cell phone in conjunction with an app. Does anyone know such an app or a device which measures the movement tremor?

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