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It may be that the English page is not up to date (possibly the links do not work properly). Please have a look at the German page and get it translated.

What I still plan to do:


Steigern Sie Ihre Gesundheit mit der Wasserstofftherapie - Boost your life! (


Scientist, Dr. Peter Tass, Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford develops a "glove" that eliminates Parkinson's tremor!


After neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot noticed that his Parkinson's patients' symptoms subsided after a long, bumpy train ride to his office, he developed a vibrating chair in the 19th century. From there, other researchers developed vibrating therapies and platforms over the years with inconclusive results.

Now Tass and his team are taking the glove idea and refining it. Bhutani is just one of 20 patients in the first round of clinical trials - and he's not the only one who has seen remarkable effects. Other patients who initially had difficulty walking have participated in CrossFit and performed dances after being treated with the gloves. All 20 have experienced some improvements.


I have contacted the company that makes the glove. I am trying to acquire the glove for research purposes.

Peter Tass Lab | Peter Tass Lab | Stanford Medicine

Synergic Medical Technologies, Inc.

Man, 58, With Parkinson's Runs Marathon Thanks To Experimental Glove Treatment (

Neuromod | Engineering Acoustics, Inc. (


Parkinson's Aid for Symptoms | Long Sutton & Lincolnshire | Eye Guide MC Ltd

"The device sits discreetly over the wearer's ear and aligns with their visual field. It provides a visual sensory stimulus that can help improve a person with Parkinson's balance, walking and tremor." There's not that much to improve in my case, but I do want to try it out.


I'm going to go to the UK this summer and get the device.... see if it helps...

Anovis Bio - "Buntanetab" a promising drug, phase 3 has started!

Stem cell therapy, in a few years maybe....


Stem cell therapy is currently experiencing exciting developments. It is quite possible that in the near future more treatments will be offered that are associated with positive outcomes. For example, a recent study in Florida, USA (at a cost of $16,200) administers the patient's own harvested stem cells from bone marrow both intravenously and intranasally.

Neurological Stem Cell Treatment Study - MD Stem Cell (

Implantation of dopamine-producing neurons is a promising method, but it requires opening the skull to implicate the neurons. These are previously derived from stem cells. According to Agnete Kirkeby, PhD, associate professor at Lund University in Sweden, the STEM-PD product is safe and effective in correcting motor deficits in preclinical models of Parkinson's disease.

The promise and potential of stem cells in Parkinson’s disease (

The promise and potential of stem cells in Parkinson’s disease (

Trial of Stem Cell-derived Therapy for Parkinson's to Open | Study in Sweden to Treat 8 With Moderate Disease | Parkinson's News Today (

IRISIN - promising - but probably not interesting for the pharmaceutical industry - would be too easy!

FARNESOL - there were many positive reports on this last year, but unfortunately you hardly hear anything anymore. You can't just buy Farnesol and take it...

- Nicotine (I want to test nicotine patches for a month)

 Does Nicotine Help Parkinsons? | Knowledge & Environment | DW | 04/10/2019

- Ambroxol (possibly test for two weeks)

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