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Cuba (Ciren)! - NeuralCIM (NeuroEpo molecule)

I had treatment in Cuba from November 14th to December 5th, 2022.

NeuroEpo is administered nasally three times a week, with a week off after three weeks.

Side effects: I am not aware of any

You have to take NeuroEpo permanently and it takes about 2 months for it to fully develop.

If you stop treatment, the symptoms will return.

You get NeuroEpo for about 6 months and it is available with a prescription from the pharmacy in Cuba. 

Danger!!! As of November 4th, 2023, one dose (0.5ml) costs $100! That means $900 in treatment costs per month! As soon as anything changes, I will share the information.

There are joint ventures with China, Thailand & Singapore planned.

Joint venture company for the marketing of biotechnological products in Mariel › Cuba › Granma - Official voice of the PCC

It probably won't come to Europe or the USA until much later - if at all!

NeuroEpo is already being used on Alzheimer's patients throughout Cuba. Parkinson's patients will be able to benefit from this in 2023.

5 weeks of treatment costs approx. 13,000 euros (excluding flights) - see link:

Prices – CIREN Cuba

Albert was the first European to be treated in December 2018! - Here is his story:

Brain doping: A new therapy against Parkinson's (

Patients I have spoken to have only had positive reports.

My report, as of February 26, 2023

I was checked out the first week.

There was a bit of surprise because my symptoms were very mild (my diagnosis: December 2020) and I am not yet taking any medication.

My starting position is very good, said Professor Ivon Pedroso!

The atmosphere is very familiar, loving & relaxed! 

  1. Improved sense of smell, right after the first dose. It had already improved after I used the other therapies (TPS, PDCare, Viellight, PS128, microbiome transfer) - but now I can smell all the subtleties!

  2. The swinging of the left arm got better over the course of my stay in Cuba (but I also had 4 hours of physiotherapy - see my videos on my homepage a day for two weeks) and continues.

  3. Running has become more fluid, even at low outside temperatures in Germany. Almost as relaxed as before. Running down the stairs quickly also works great.

  4. My mood has improved again, but that could also be due to the general positive changes.

  5. When working on the PC for a long time, my left foot would often get a little cramped, even if I did a lot of things with my left hand. That has become less.

  6. My foot always cramped after about 1km of running - I don't see any changes here. I ran almost 9 kilometers in Cuba with short breaks, but I can usually get along very well in Germany when it's warm and the ground is uneven.

  7. What has unfortunately happened over the last 2-3 months is that my index finger on my left hand sometimes twitches.


Conclusion: NeuroEpo is not a miracle cure, but I will continue to use it in the future for what I consider to be successful therapies.You have to remember that even stopping the disease is a great success! 

Cuban treatment slows progression of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (

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