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Neurolith TPS(Transcranial pulse stimulation)

Origin: Switzerland (has approval for the treatment of Alzheimer's)

I had 6 treatments (costs approx. 3,500 euros) from September 29th, 2021 to October 6th, 2021 and I am going for monthly refreshers (approx. 450 euros/month). That's around 18 treatments per year = around 8,000 euros per year. The costs are largely covered by my private health insurance.

There are also more and more treatment centers worldwide (as of November 2022 = 66) and more and more positive reports from the treating doctors.

The “TPS” therapy procedure will certainly become more established and put pressure on the pharmaceutical industry, as this therapy can save a lot of medication!


TPS – a treatment option for patients with Alzheimer’s dementia (


Here from Dr. Lohse-Busch (the first to treat Parkinson's patients with shock waves). I also strongly recommend downloading the PDF (at the very bottom of the article) and reading it.


P 75 Long-term results of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease after Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) of the brain with focused extracorporeal shock waves (ESW) - ScienceDirect


Here is also an interesting article with a table showing the effectiveness. It doesn't work equally well for everyone - for some it doesn't work at all.

TPS: Encouraging data on Parkinson's | Alzheimer Germany (

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