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Übersicht der Nahrungsergänzungen welche ich einnehme.
Hier wird auch auf die Speicherfähigkeit von Nahrungsergänzungen eingegangen.

Meine Analyse "ProGenom ProVitalDNA"

Food supplements 

Acai berries- 3 grams from August 22, 2022 (motor skills improved! - or it was due to sulforaphane, which I also take)

Açai berry supplements ease motor, non-motor deficits in mouse model | Non-motor and motor symptoms | Parkinson's News Today (

- sulforaphane (molecule from broccoli seeds)- I have been taking (sulforaphane broccoli extract from effective nature) since August 22nd, 2022

Dietary supplement based on broccoli (

The Patient Researcher - A researcher diagnosed with Parkinson's disease shares his research and personal experiences to help others manage their disease. (

Mucuna pruriens:I've been taking it here since February 2nd, 2022 - but only one tablet (60mg L-Dopa) a day.

I will not increase the dosage until the symptoms worsen.

Mucuna vs Parkinson's | Treatment with natural levodopa (

B1 Thiamine- last dosage - 2,000 mg - target approx. 2,500mg (I set it on 8/22/22 - no effect noticed)

HIGH-DOSE THIAMINE (HDT) THERAPY for Parkinson's - Official Site for Dr. Antonio Costantini's HDT research (

B3 niacinlast dosage - approx. 125 mg - target approx. 250mg (I stopped on 8/22/22 - noticed no effect)

Daily Niacin Improvement Linked to Improved QOL, Slower Parkinson's Disease Progression (

TRU Niagen300mg - approx. 1.50 euros/piece (1,000mg were taken in the small study - I am currently only taking 300mg)

Home - ChromaDex

Nicotinamide riboside is said to help with Parkinson's (

NADH Rapid Professor George Birkmayer- 3 pieces/day (recommendation from Dr. Birkmayer: 6 pieces), approx. 1.00 Euro/piece

Q10- 3 x  200mg a week

Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation in Orthostatic Hypotension and Multiple System Atrophy: A Report of 7 Cases - The American Journal of Medicine (

Ceylon cinnamon- 3 x 500 mg per week

Report: Ceylon Cinnamon Relieves Parkinson's... - Cure Parkinson's (

Ling Zhi / Reishi (mushroom)- 3 x 300mg daily (Hawlik medicinal mushrooms, 0.35 euros/piece)

Effects of Lingzhi on disease progression in patients with untreated early Parkinson's disease | Listing of clinical research studies ( Parkinson's disease | Parkinson's disease | parkinson's ) ( NCT03594656 ) (

And daily consume cold pressed juices, 250ml celery juice + 250ml alternately the others.

Upon need:Magnesium, D3, B12, Vitamin C, Omega 3, etc...

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