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I've been using it since the beginning of March 2023...

December 14, 2022 – First observations of widespread symptom relief with New FormulaBroccoli seed tea.
This level of symptom relief has not been observed since the introduction of levodopa.

In this 2-minute video, BS-RG members who made broccoli seed tea using a new method share their thoughts on how it dramatically reduced their symptoms and improved their quality of life in just a few weeks.

They describe relief from chronic constipation, fatigue, urinary urgency, brain fog, and tremors, accompanied by a stronger voice, renewed appetite for life, and a feeling of lightness. And this wasn't just limited to early-stage Parkinson's disease. Jane, who lives in London andd was diagnosed 13 years ago, talks about how brain fog cleared, "a veil has lifted" and "chronic constipation has disappeared completely for years." Even more striking, Jane speaks enthusiastically about how her legs are regaining strength: "My osteopath was amazed (and we can hear her amazement)... I stepped twice as high and lifted my legs twice as high. She did never seen it on me." Jane, who hasn't been able to stand or walk for many years, is excited to show us the exact moment when, for the first time in years, she "takes one small step..." - and then another - begins a journey into that we hope to transform"...a giant leap" in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. More evidence of the benefits of New Formula Broccoli Seed Tea will be published here soon.

People with Parkinson’s share their thoughts on New Formula Broccoli Seed Tea – The Patient Researcher

The Patient Researcher – A Research Scientist diagnosed with Parkinson's disease shares his research and personal experience to help others manage their disease.

Broccoli-based dietary supplements (

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