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I was on safari in Africa for a few days in late summer 2022 and after I came home and took my weekly measurements, I noticed that my "speed measurements" on my left hand had values that had never been so good.

At first I thought about a nutritional supplement that I was taking during this time.
But the values got worse again.
Just a few weeks ago I read an article that stated that it was discovered several decades ago that shaking old trains improved Parkinson's symptoms!


There are quite a few reports about it on the internet!

I have one now"vibration plate" Ordered VP5000 from Sportstech and has now arrived. I've been using the device since mid-March 2023 - it didn't have the desired effect, so I bought the following:

SRT Zeptor - the professional version! I have been using this since May 12, 2023!
HoweverDoubt I'm now somewhat impressed by the effect, as I had very good results again after my last vacation (2 weeks in the USA). I think it was because of the increased beeronsum on vacation! :-)

srt ceptoring® - The therapy of the future Wide range of applications, highly effective, quick treatment cycle, absolutely painless

Parkinson’s – vibration training brings improvement | Vibration training for everyone (

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