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I have been there since January 18, 2023,Iboga (a root bark with a 5% content) as a microdose.

I take 0.6 grams every morning. In conversation with Tobias Erny, an expert in the field, I learned that he is preparing a phase 2 study on the use of Iboga for Parkinson's.

The idea is that iboga promotes the growth of new dopamine neurons in the brain by increasing nerve growth factor GDNF.

As of March 25, 2023:

So far I have noticed the following changes in the first week: less appetite, an increased awareness of my surroundings and a somewhat dizzy feeling at times.

After a week my body seems to have gotten used to taking it and I no longer feel the dizziness. So far, however, there has been no change in my Parkinson's symptoms.

Nevertheless, I feel a little more relaxed.

I stopped using Iboga in mid-March 2023 and will use it again in January/February 2024 (I'm always in Thailand).

Here is a lecture by Tobias Erny at the University of Zurich:

Frontiers in Psychedelic Science (HS22) – Tobias Erny: Microdosing of Iboga and Ibogaine - UZH (

Microdosing with Iboga – Nightshade Verlag AG

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