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I avoid industrially produced foods! It is best to look at my film recommendations to get a feeling of what is going on. 

 For example, the movie “Food, INC. What do we really eat” or “Hope for all”.

I avoid dairy products (Movie “The Milk System”) and I avoid wheat products –I dont go to the bakery.

I also pay attention to an alkaline diet (diseases develop in an acidic environment), little meat and fish - in the direction of vegan, little alcohol, little sugar, little gluten and as basic a diet as possible.

I dont eat breakfast because I think it is good for the body if it doesnt eat for a long time. “Intermittent Fasting 16:8”

 Depending on the blood count, additional dietary supplements after consultation with my naturopath.

Food table (gluten, alkaline/acidic)

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