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Scientist,Dr. Peter Tass, professor of neurosurgery at Stanford is developing a “Handschuh" which eliminates Parkinson's tremor!

In the 19th century, after neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot noticed that his Parkinson's patients' symptoms subsided after a long, bumpy train ride to his office, he developed a vibrating chair. From there, other researchers developed vibrating therapies and platforms over the years with inconclusive results.

Now Tass and his team are taking the idea of gloves and refining it. Bhutani is just one of 20 patients in the first round of clinical trials - and he's not the only one who has seen remarkable effects. Other patients who initially had difficulty walking have participated in CrossFit and performed dances with the gloves after treatment. All 20 have seen some improvements.

We are currently trying to recreate the glove ourselves.

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